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Fidel & Co. Update:

Dear friends, we’re trying to be safe and to be part of the solution during these difficult times. As we learn from experts and peers, we adapt in an effort to provide the best and safest customer service.

Our newest changes will begin tomorrow (Tuesday):

1) NEW HOURS: 8 am - 4 pm (Monday to Saturday, we’re not adding Sunday service yet)

2) TO-GO/PICKUP: all orders will be to-go. Food and coffee will be served for enjoyment off-premises. We’re planning to add a mobile/online order option for curbside pickup. Instructions to be announced soon.

3) MENU: we will feature a smaller menu to accommodate these changes. Look for our added to-go options, including bread loafs: sour dough and pain de mie (white bread).

4) NO CASH: Please pay with credit/debit card or contactless pay. No cash transactions for now, please.

We love you all and we’re thankful for your kindness and your support during our first few months and during these trying times!

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