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Artist and Bio:                 Jose Hernandez-Jose is a local artist who started doing murals after moving to Savannah, GA, where he formed an art collective with some other local artists. They held pop-up art events in many cities all over the US and Mexico. Hernandez’s local projects include work for the Arkansas Times, the Argenta District, Dunbar Gardens, the North Little Rock Boys and Girls Club, Stephens Elementary School, 7th Street, and Sushi Café. As a muralist, Hernandez’s favored tool is spray paint because he is able to cover a larger space in a shorter amount of time. His pieces are driven by social commentary and messages that he would like to convey to the community.


Title of Piece:                  Men of Iron, A tribute to the people and industry that built our community

Location:                          1400 East 6th Street, East Wall of the former Carriage House

Coordinates:                    34.742267, -92.2549990

Drain Smart Art:

The Drain-Smart Central Arkansas Program is an engaging public-education / environmental program that uses art to communicate the function and importance of local storm drains. It gives artists the opportunity to express themselves via semi-permanent public art in a series of a small-scale outdoor storm drain murals. The art also serves to educate the public on local water quality protection.  For more information about the Drain-Smart program and where to find other painted drains check out


Title of Piece:                Who Trashed The River?

Location:                       Shall & 6th northeast corner

Coordinates:                 34.74196, -92.25645


Artist and Bio:                 Lacey Finchum- Lacey Finchum is an artist, writer, teacher, explorer, and maverick from Northwest Indiana who began painting when she moved to the woods in north Arkansas in 2014. She finds inspiration everywhere but especially in nature. She has a background in teaching, recreation, and environmental studies. She is passionate about living life on her own terms and pursuing a life

of freedom, autonomy, sustainability, magic, and wonder. Her mission is to inspire others to color their life outside the prescribed lines and turn their dreams into reality too.



Title of Piece:                   Circle of Life      

Location:                          Shall & 6th northwest corner

Coordinates:                    34.742017, -92.256636

Artist and Bio:                                Audrey Davis- I am a 19 year old artist who just finished my freshman year at the University of Arkansas. I have recently been accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts Graphic Design program and intend on minoring in marketing next semester. I am a member of the ceramics club, the National Honors Society and I am a Banner Chair for my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha. Art has continued to be a passion of mine, growing more and more with each new opportunity that presents itself to me. This will be my third year participating in the Drain Smart program and I am extremely excited to be a part of this incredible initiative again. For my art to become a permanent part of my community is one of the greatest honors for this artist.


Title of Piece:                   Sunset on the Water

Location:                          Shall at eStem south side

Coordinates:                    34.742563, -92.256623

Artist and Bio:                 Bailey Snellgrove- I am not a trained artist, but I wanted to take this opportunity to raise awareness about this cause. Dumping waste in storm drains is something that people often have a misunderstanding about. A lot of people think there is a filtration system for the storm drains that we have around the city. Admittedly, I also thought this was true before. Because I am an Animal Welfare Activist, "drain-dumping" is now a major concern for me. All of Arkansas's storm drains funnel their contents directly to the Arkansas River and the local Arkansas creeks. Educating the community is the best way to raise awareness about these concerns, as well as establish community-based changes. Everyone should care about this issue because it affects everyone. Arkansas is known as the Natural State, and we all should be fighting to keep it that way


Artist and Bio:                 Marcus Vasquez- I was born and raised in North Little Rock. I graduated with my BFA in painting from UA Little Rock in May 2018. I currently work as a graduate hall director at UA Little Rock and intend on pursuing an MBA in the Fall.


Title of Piece:                  Basking in the Sun

Location:                          World Avenue at eStem

Coordinates:                   34.743412, -92.256769


Artist and Bio:                 Lauren Hansen- Lauren Hansen, nickname, "Ren," grew up hiking and enjoying Little Rock's natural beauty. She started creating at an early age and is inspired mainly by both the dreams she has and the wildlife surrounding her. The classes she took at UA Little Rock pushed her drive and interest to understand and appreciate all art forms. Ren strives to create work with strong emotions that will hopefully connect to the viewer's own thoughts and feelings.


Title of Piece:                  Forest Grove

Location:                          World Avenue at Heifer

Coordinates:                    34.743544, -92.256761

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