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Sustainability Features of The Paint Factory in East Village

The Paint Factory in East Village exists as one of the best examples of post-war industrial architecture in Little Rock, but it is also unique when it comes to being environmentally friendly. The Paint Factory and the site that surrounds it have been designed to have a low impact on the environment. A number of features have been utilized to reduce the negative effects that these buildings can have on our planet.

The streetscape has been fit with bio-retention areas that will improve stormwater quality and lessen the amount of water on the street. The building also includes low flow drip irrigation and extensive use of native plants that will lower the water consumption of the building.

The Paint Factory also has two features that are the first of their kind in Arkansas; Active Solar Skylights and an Eco-Activ roof that reduces pollution. The skylights bring natural light into the core spaces of the building, reducing the need for artificial light. Power generated by the skylights will lower the building’s energy consumption.

The roof, made by Siplast and applied by Mid-South roofing, is covered in a special Noxite granule that works to decrease pollutants in the air by absorbing them and turning them into harmless nitrate salt. Testing has shown that 20,000 square feet of the Eco-Activ roof can neutralize the pollution caused by 10 vehicles driven 11,000 miles.

Cromwell is excited to join our East Village neighbors Heifer International, Clinton Library, and Entegrity in operating our building in a manner that reduces our environmental impact. As stewards of our community, Cromwell is committed to the responsible use of natural resources in our design and community development practice.

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