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Who made the news in the East Village Little Rock?

The votes are in….Head down to the East Village and

checkout Lost Forty, Rebel Kettle and The Rail Yard.

All named by AY Magazine as Arkansas Bucket

List Bars.






                                                                 Entegrity Gets Global Recognition for Self-Powered HQ












Places of work are becoming less traditional and more interactive. Interior Designers are focusing on providing

a variety of spaces that support an engaging work environment. The Cromwell Architects Engineers Design

department did exactly that with their new offices in The Paint Factory Little Rock.

Holiday Inn to Break Ground Soon on Downtown Property














                                                    Two East Village Little Rock businesses named 2019

                                                  Best of Arkansas by the readers of the Arkansas Times. 

                                                Cathead’s Dinner and Lost Forty Brewing for best brunch

                                                and Lost Forty for being named Arkansas best brewed beer.